The Telegraph

The Telegraph is an English-language broadsheet daily newspaper founded in 1982 and is eastern India's largest circulated and read English newspaper. The Telegraph comes in seven different markets: Calcutta, South Bengal, North Bengal, Northeast (Guwahati split), Jharkhand (Jamshedpur, Jharkhand and Ranchi splits), Bhubaneswar and Patna. Each market has a local editorial team thus ensuring local coverage along with essential national, international and sports coverage. 

There's always something for everyone in the family with The Telegraph supplements:

TT Metro - All the hard and breaking city news in TT Metro (in select markets) on all days of the week.

Jobs - Your single window to the job market in Jobs on Tuesdays.

7 Days - Insightful details and topmost stories of the week in 7 days on Sundays.

KnowHow - It is a special section on Mondays on health, science, technology and medical advancements from all over the world.

t2 - It is a Fashion, Lifestyle and Entertainment tabloid newspaper and is available from Tuesday to Sunday. It's a power-packed entertainment news supplement with content like - Bollywood and Hollywood news, Fashion Trends and exclusive Nightlife buzz, Lifestyle, Food and Travel tips and destinations, latest tech gadgets and gizmos, reviews and ratings of box office national and international releases, Sudoku and crossword puzzles, comic strips, astrology, favourite hangouts, campus crazes and the list is simply endless.

t2 on Sunday​ - ​t2onSunday' is a weekly tabmag (tabloid magazine) free with The Telegraph. It covers everything from films to food, fashion to fitness, technology to travel, relationship to health, books to sports. It brings to you LIFE and STYLE to make your Sunday more special!​


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